Watch: Juju Does The Vosho In Parliament!

Yoh talk about being ratchet.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Julius Malema  | Drama

For the longest of time, Parliament has always been revered, as matters of utmost importance regarding the country are usually discussed and ironed out.

The general setting almost requires one to  be on formal mode including the dress code. However since the injection of the fairly new political party, Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) into the South African parliament, many would agree that there has been a shift of the general behavioural protocol that members of parliament are expected to adhere to.

During a press briefing, EFF's commander in chief, Julius Malema casually mentioned that they (EFF Team), "Bazongena ngeVosho", which is loosely translated, "We'll be doing the vosho (a dance) when they enter parliament." But little did we know that he actually meant it in literal terms.

Below is the video of the usually strong and fiesty Julius Malema -  jovially doing the vosho as he made his way to the podium inside parliament.
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The vosho was made famous by Mzansi's entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu after being a regular at a popular eatery in Durban, Eyadini. Ever since then, almost the whole nation has ridden the wave of this now popular dance.

Proving just how impactful the Vosho has become. American Grammy award winning musician Chris Brown was captured on video , doing the vosho. Upon close inspection, it became clear that Breezy, as he is affectionately known, had added a few of his own elements into the original Vosho that many South Africans have come to know.

The Parliament of the Republic of South Africa is slowly tearing down the high wall that it had created over the years, which serves as an interesting and relatable perspective to our beloved politicians.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/Julius.Malema.Sello