Baby mama drama: Junior De Rocka comes clean

The DJ sets the record straight.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Junior De Rocka  | Drama

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Whoa! It's still January and things are already heating up in ZAlebville. The last few days have seen a lot of drama in the entertainment industry, and Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka are joining the party.

The two entertainers, who have daughter together, have taken to social media to air their dirty laundry. Ntando accused the DJ and radio personality of not supporting their child, also adding that she's disappointed in him. Junior has now taken to Facebook to share his side of the story. 

He made it clear that he does support his child. "I love her and I would do anything for her." 

He explained that he got served with court papers in 2018. "Anyways, last year I got served with court papers that I do not support my child, imagine, which prompted me to start sending money via my bank account so it can be traceable."

By the way, Junior has also shared bank statements to prove that he's been sending money to support his daughter. He continued: "From Sep 14 2018 to Jan 10 2019 I've paid over 20k to her acc (refer to bank statements below). My last payment was 3.5k which was 5 days ago. Isikuphi inkinga?!" 

He pleaded with Ntando to meet with him so that they can put their differences aside, in private.

"This is my last message about this & I will never ever address this in public coz sasosobabili when we made the baby & as much as it's sour now - I can never spite u and pretend as if we've never been happy & in-love. I came to you in truth & I've kept my word even till this day," he added. You can read the rest of his post here.

Ntando has since responded to Junior's claims, even going as far as revealing that he blamed her for the pregnancy, and allegedly cheated on her when she was two months pregnant.

She dropped a screenshot with the captioned: "You blamed me for the pregnancy. And accused me of wanting to bepregnant...(Herewith proof)."

During an interview on Real Talk with Anele last year, Ntando admitted that she thought her relationship with Junior would go far. She said she was in denial after the breakup. "I really thought, 'cause he was the first, and I really thought he was gonna be the last. I could see (the) future with Junior..."

I can't say we were both not happy in the relationship. She went on to describe him as "an amazing man".  "He knows how to love, that I cannot deny." She added that he used to take good care of her.

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