Dear Bieber, maybe its time to call it a day

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Justin Bieber  | Drama

You know when you send your kid off to varsity and you find out that he or she has been kicked out of classes, developed a drug addiction, spent a day or two in jail, slept with prostitutes and gotten into actual fist fights in clubs? As a parent (not that I am one, but whatever) you'd be pretty close to pulling your kid out of the whole institution. Then you find out that your son or daughter has dyed their hair a dramatically different colour. That's where I'd call it quits and bring my kid back home and I really wish Pattie Mallette felt the same way about her son, Justin Bieber. 

He's in headlines this week because of this disaster of a hairdo: 

Like, what the actual hell JB?!

Really, I think it's time we accept that we are no longer in 2010 and Justin Bieber has become a has-been quicker than he's reached maturity. Nobody is loving you JB. Your fanbase is shrinking, your music is making less of an impact and your general appeal is deteriorating. Please can we call this a day once and for all? You had a great run and now it's over. 

I know they say blondes have more fun, but his hairdo is ridiculous. I never thought I could find Bieber more disappointing than I already do but there you have it. 

The hairstyle isn't as bad as some of his recent incidents; but... it's just a fail. A big, fat, embarrassing fail.