Karabo Moroka shocks Generations viewers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

We love South African soapies.

They have the ability to bore, excite, and shock us - all at the same time. That's exactly why we love to hate Generations: The Legacy. The show, which boasts millions of viewers every evening, took things to another level on Wednesday.

This was after Karabo Moroka (Connie Ferguson), who is married to Tau Mogale (Rapulana Seiphemo), revealed that she wants to take a second husband. Say what?!

Karabo has been having an affair with Zola Radebe (Mutodi Neshehe) and is clearly not willing to let him go. So, what's the next step? Make him her second husband, duh!

This is really unheard of, especially in South Africa. We're used to seeing men taking more that one wife, however, women are not really known to do that with husbands. 

Here's how some viewers reacted: 

Sjoe! Is it too early to say Karabo has won 2016?

Image credit: Facebook/Generations