Katlego Deems South African Men As Sociopaths

She did not hold back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Katlego Danke  | Drama

Actress Katlego Danke went on a social awareness rant on her Twitter account when she addressed that misogyny is at an all-time high in South African men and it's getting more difficult for women in this country to deal with it daily.

She shared her strong views by explaining that she had observed how many women were faced with prejudice by men, often in the most unassuming ways.

She said it's concerning that women don't seem to be well-equipped to detect misogyny or how to deal with it. 

And in the light of the recent Kenneth Nkosi allegations, where the "jovial" actor has been accused of assaulting a woman in public for not paying attention to him - is Katlego wrong about thinking this way?

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In actuality, South African woman deal with this behaviour from men in various forms. From catcalling when walking to and from their work to experiencing inappropriate physical contact from men in their workplaces and having that behaviour deemed as a part of a man's flirtatious character.

In this open conversation with her followers, Katlego said she was concerned about the kind of children these types of men were raising and the women they go on to marry.

A follower had this response to say to Danke in regards to these types of men:

She said she was most worried that these kinds of men continue to be abusive, even if they hide behind the "gentleman" exterior. She added that she was disturbed by how many men are "actually certifiable sociopaths".

Many reports of men being abusive and misogynist have come out of the woodwork to openly challenge and (hopefully) cancel this way of operating in the world.

Not too long ago, club promoter, Larryngtis, was outed by his baby mother on social media, exposing him for being an abusive partner.

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Surely, this is not a witch hunt as some men would presume on the character of men or a call to kill a man's career, but nine times out of ten, these men are always protected. Their cases are under the spotlight for a few weeks, and then forgotten-Mampintsha is a clear indication of how men like this can quickly go back to work with nothing but a black dot next to their name.

But what about the women? How do the women who go against these 'sociopaths' stay safe?

Actress Nokuthula Mavuso also shared some of her experiences when it comes to men — adding that a woman's safety is never guaranteed.

The discussion is open. What are your thoughts on the Katlego's woke rant on her socials regarding men? Is she reaching? Or is she speaking of a reality that most South Africans women have to deal with daily?

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