Katlego Danke's thoughts on disrespectful people on social media

Please respect the lady and others.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Katlego Danke  | Drama

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Katlego Danke turns 40!

We all know of, or have experienced some sort of disrespect on social media, especially from individuals we don't know personally. It's one of the things that really makes social media unpleasant.

A group of people who receive a lot of disrespect in these social media streets are entertainers, as they get cyber bullied probably more often than an individual who is unknown. This type of disrespect has lead to entertainers either retaliating by clapping back, or just flat-out blocking trolls because hey, who needs such negativity in their lives?

Although we may not know if she actually blocks people on her accounts, Katlego Danke has made it clear that she has no room for people who are disrespectful. The actress went on Twitter recently and urged people to go back to the simple ways of kindness and respect.  

She said: "This age of social media is allowing people to blur the boundaries and feel too comfortable with blatant disrespect. Can we please go back to the rules of simple common courtesy, manners and kindness? Me being nice is a testament to my upbringing and not permission for disrespect." Many people echoed her sentiments, while others added that rude and disrespectful people on these platforms are just digging their own grave, as such posts always come back to bite them.

So, if you think you're one of those culprits who have been making people's lives a living hell, maybe you should read this social media etiquette. Trust us, it will help you get right back on track and stop being disrespectful. 

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