Kelly Khumalo: I have done nothing wrong

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

Kelly Khumalo is not about entertaining negativity. The singer and mother of two, who's been called every name in the book, recently had an interview on Your Late Mate with Nimrod Nkosi, where she addressed all the controversy surrounding her.

Check out some highlights from the interview below!

On being called a home-wrecker

Your issue should be with your man who you are married to, who left your home and came to my house. You deal with the culprit, your man... Deal with your man, deal with your situation. There will always be a reason why your man would leave you and go elsewhere.

I've had boyfriend issues where your boyfriend leaves you for another woman. And you want to go and snatch that woman's wig. You are very wrong to go and snatch her. The person you should be snatching is the boyfriend here that left you. And if he had issues with you, why not tell you what the issues are, give you an opportunity to deal with those issues before he can make a stupid out of you. Let him tell you he's unhappy before he can go cheat on you.

On men dying after being with her

It is very funny, they [people] have given me so much power than I probably deserve. If you think I have the power for somebody to die in my presence then you think I have so much power... I must be God somehow. What we don't understand is what these men go through in their lives that ends up leading to these kinds of situations. You can keep wronging people one by one. it piles up by the time you get to me it explodes. It's like 'oh snap, he dies in front of Kelly or used to date Kelly'.

I'm a praying woman if you're gonna be next to me as a man you need to get your story right. Every night when I go down on my knees I'm like 'Lord, whatever happens in my life must complement who I am. If it does not then I cannot be part of it.

On whether she's to blame

I have done nothing wrong. The only thing, maybe, that could be wrong on my side is over-qualifying certain people into my life. You over-qualify somebody who does not deserve to be part of your life, by the time they become [part of it] the results end up being negative instead of being positive. Maybe that's where my problem is, I over-qualify people by letting them into my life.

On whether she's visited Jub Jub in prison

No. If my son [Christian] decides that he wants him as part of his life when he's older then that's fine. For now he's under my care and I will do everything necessary to protect him from anything I feel will be a threat to his life.

On negative publicity

So many things have been written wrongly about me that I have made peace with it. Again, a journalist will write based on how they feel at that particular time - about themselves, their situation. I've become that person ukuthi 'okay, we want to sell papers, who do we go for'? Some stories would be driven to a point where 'Kelly must look like that'.

On Bhaka

I will not entertain those idiotic, junky, publicity-seeking people. Not on my platform.

On her music

The album [Back to my Roots] is sitting at number four on the most selling albums in the country. The song Asine is sitting at number three on the most played songs in the country.

On happiness

If you were trying to say that I'm not blessed or that I'm a black widow, I'd like to remain in that darkness because it seems to be working for me... I'm happy, God has me taken care of.