Kelly Khumalo: The media is insignificant

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

A lot of things have been written about Kelly Khumalo.

The singer has found herself in the middle of a lot of controversy in recent years and has received a lot of negative press. Recently, it was reported that there was trouble between Kelly and Chomee, who is also part of Arthur's 999 music label.

Also, after Kelly joined the record label, there were reports that she was a replacement for Chomee. Speaking on entertainment show Hush, the mother of two said: "First of all, I'll never be a replacement of anything in life, simply because I feel I'm running my own race. And I was purposely designed the way that I am for a specific purpose so I'm not here to replace anything or anyone, so that's cleared. 

"Secondly, Arthur and I have been friends for decades and have been planning to work together. Arthur is one of the people who have supported my career throughout... You know how the media is, so I don't even want to entertain that. It's crap. I don't feel I need to replace anything or anyone." 

When asked if she'd like to clear some of the negative stories that have been written about her, Kelly said: "Why would one want to clear bullsh** that is... For me, if you want to clear that means you're giving them the platform. It means you care about what they have to say."

She added: "For me, the media is insignificant, they don't exist because their motto is to try and destroy whatever good that God has created. The biggest nyoso. It just keeps getting worse. For me, I'm at the point where I don't pay attention anymore. If you don't exist I never get to hear you, I never get to see you. I've literally shut down from that world. So it means they keep barking and I don't care..."

Kelly also said that as she's grown, nothing excites her anymore: "It's been almost 11 years of the same thing in the industry, functions and all of that. So I think for me I do things that matter to me, that are more important to me now. I'm a mother, so in my busy schedule I have to find time to be a mom."

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