Kenny Kunene regrets his “blesser” ways

Former "Sushi King", Kenny Kunene, has turned over a new leaf in his life, and is shunning the "blesser" lifestyle.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Kenny Kunene  | Drama

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Sushi King Kenny Kunene

Kenny Kunene has apologised for buying women during his former “blesser” life.

During Kenny’s time, “blessers” were known as sugar daddies, and he paid a pretty price (R40,000 apparently) to have sex with beautiful women.

The blesser craze has taken over South Africa, with many women openly admitting to sleeping with rich men in exchange for them funding their posh lifestyles.

But Kenny, who famously ate sushi off the bodies of half-naked women, says those who take part in the "blesser" lifestyle are basically prostituting themselves.

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According to TimesLive, Kenny is a one-woman man these days, and is madly in love with his girlfriend, who he says is not “a liker of things”.

She apparently made him realise that independent women, who don’t need money to define themselves, are far more attractive than the “blessed” women we see on social media.

Not only has Kenny changed his ways, but he plans to settle down, with the woman he refers to as his rib, later this year

And to all those women the old Kenny Kunene took advantage of, he has a special message for you.

Kenny, who was recently featured on eNCA's Checkpoint, said: "I want to apologise to all women out there that I have turned into prostitutes myself. Because there are young girls that I have used, also, that I have given money, that I have promised the good life with only one intention, and one intention only - for them to drop their panties." 

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Kenny and his "rib"

With my Rib going to the GoliathComedyExperience...So much laughter with this amazing soul...

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