Khanya: "I Was In The Wrong"

The media personality has come out to apologise

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Khanya Mkangisa  | Drama

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Khanya Mkangisa's name has been trending for the past couple of days ever since a video of her being arrested by the Metro Police went viral over the weekend.

Social media users have been at each other's throats about the Khanya video as an ongoing debate about the video has continued right into Monday.

While others are of the belief that Khanya deserved to be recorded for her wrongful act of drunk driving, others were of the belief that the Metro Police were clout chasing and only took the video of Khanya because she is a well-known individual.

Since the video surfaced, Khanya has remained mum until a few hours ago when she publicly apologised on the Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast Show for her actions.

"I don't like playing victim, I was in the wrong you know. No one should ever be driving under the influence for whatever just shouldn't happen, that I acknowledge."

However, she did express that she was publicly humiliated by the cops because of who she is.

"...but, keep the same energy, treat me how you're treating everyone else."

DJ Fresh then asked the media personality how she would like for this situation to be handled going forward and a teary Khanya said that she does not know yet as she feels very humiliated at this moment.

"I haven't even thought of it, I'm so humiliated right now. It's embarrassing because people don't even know what actually happened, and what's been put out there is almost how I retaliated after being provoked from the minute I was stopped. I think for me  that's what actually hurts the most." 

Khanya also feels that her image has been tainted and that she is now painted as a bad girl who does not take accountability for her actions, but people have overlooked her side of the story and how she was badly treated by the traffic police officer that night.

"What hurts the most is that I'm shown to be this bad girl who is just like not taking accountability for her actions, it's just horrible. I think no one wants to be talked about all day on Sunday on Twitter. And then secondly to be thrown in that light when you've worked for years to not even be that person just for people to be like 'oh so all along, for all these years it's just been an act that she's like that.' People don't know how tortured me from before I even got out my car."

Here's more of what she had to say:

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