#TIOT8: Khanya Mkangisa & Mpande share their thoughts on elimination

It's unfortunate that they had to leave, they had a good run.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Khanya Mkangisa  | Drama

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Team white is the fifth team to be eliminated from Tropika Island of Treasure (#TIOT8) after surviving many elimination scares.

However, their luck had run out this week as they could no longer keep up the momentum when they got defeated in this week's elimination challenge.

The team recently opened up about their experience within the competition and here's what they had to say.

What did you learn most about yourself throughout the competition?

Khanya Mkangisa: "My time on Tropika Island of Treasure was incredible and it gave me the opportunity to physically see what I have always known to be true about myself. I learnt that I am strong and that I can endure anything. It was an experience I will never forget."


Mpande Buthelezi: "I learnt that perseverance goes a long way. Something that surprised me the most was the determination I (and my partner) had. #TeamWhite was in quite a few elimination challenges throughout the season, but we fought hard and made it through them all – until now!"


The team also touched on how they could've improved as a team.

Khanya Mkangisa: I't was no secret that #TeamWhite were the underdogs and no one expected us to get this far in the competition. Although we did well, there is always room for improvement. I probably could've been more patient with my partner and handled situations better under pressure."


Mpande Buthelezi: "I definitely could have improved on my communication skills. When I was busy with a challenge and in an intense mode of focus, I didn't communicate much (especially as much as I should have); I just kept quiet and got on with the challenge at hand. But I've started working on that."

What advice do you wish someone told you before the show? 

Khanya Mkangisa: "I honestly believe that no matter how much people try, no advice could have prepared me for TIOT8. I did my best in every challenge and proved to myself that I am a strong woman who can take on anything."

Mpande Buthelezi: "I wish I had prepared better for the number (or math) challenges! That would have helped me a lot. Most people forget that this competition is not all about brawn – it takes a lot of brains (and patience) too!"

The two have encouraged people to keep watching the show as there is still more madness to come within the next couple of episodes.

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