On skin lightening and looking into the mirror

Khanyi Mbau's critics are riding a fallible high horse

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

khanyi mbau light

The media personality found herself at the receiving end of an endless drag as Tweeps made fun of her "pink" skin colour this past weekend. Khanyi has always been open about her love of all things cosmetic, but her skin lightening in particular has drawn a lot of criticism.

It’s rather easy to pick on Khanyi Mbau and ignore the fact that skin lightening is a symptom of the disease of colourism in the black community. This desire for a proximity to whiteness is something that comes from our own prejudices – our adoration and admiration of “yellow bones”, for example.

Some black men proudly proclaim “dating preferences” that discriminate against dark skinned people (and sometimes black people altogether). Is this not a kind of inferiority complex? When you don’t find other black people unattractive, I’m quite interested in what it is that goes through your mind when you look into the mirror.

It may be fun to meme about Khanyi, but a look in the mirror is also due when you pick that Instagram filter, and make comparisons between yellow-bones and dark skinned folk. Khanyi’s addiction is simply a reflection of a deeper social issue we tend to never want to deal with honestly. As you were!