Diski Divas' Kia Ntshole: Not sour, but bubbly

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Kia Ntshole  | Drama

In a recent interview with Arye Kellman on Cliff Central.com Diski Divas star, Kia Ntshole, opened up about how she handles social media trolls and how being on the show has required her to be brutally honest with the other ladies on the show. 

Kia admitted that she is a bossy person and that there are certain things that happen on the show that she can’t let slide.

"I’m a bossy person, I want what I want, but I’m not very difficult. I know people think that I’m always in a bad mood but they don’t understand that there are certain vibes and certain situations that are happening there.

"So for me I can’t control myself, therefore, I have to let it out, otherwise it’s going to kill me," she said. 

Kia also added that she’s learned to try and ignore negative social media comments about her.

"In the beginning, I used to check but over time I just stopped checking. People will always have an opinion of you and like I said in the first episode, I don’t care anymore what a person says about me as long as I stay true to myself."

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In the interview, a listener asked Kia why she comes across as being sour all the time. 

She replied: "I think the majority of the time they see me at my worst because we’re shooting and we’re there for a long time. It becomes hectic, you become tired and sometimes some of the conversations don’t appeal to me. I’m not always a sour person, I’m a bubbly person, but it comes with a group of women that are not my friends so I really don’t have much going for me," she said.

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