I Did Not Rob King Monada

Things have turned for the worst.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

When the clock struck at midnight on New Years, many listeners of Thobela FM were taken aback when Master KG's Skeleton Moves single was chosen as the song of the year instead of King Monada's 2018 hit song - Malwedhe.

The decision to choose Skeleton Moves as song of the year caused quite an uproar as fans of King Monada demanded to know why Monada's song did not scoop song of the year considering how popular the single was in 2018.

The uproar led to the suspension of two Thobela FM DJs who were hosting that particular New Year's Eve show.

According to City Press, the main reason why the two DJs were suspended is because they had declared on social media that Master KG's Skeleton Moves would be the Song of the Year before an official announcement was made.

Their announcement made it seem as though the two DJs had manipulated the results.

However, one of the DJs who is involved in the controversial issue at hand has come out to clear his name and explain that he had nothing to do with the supposed rigging of the songs.

Makwena "Kwenisto" Makgakga who was one of the DJs hosting the show on the night, recently released a statement on his Facebook page after his contract was not renewed with the radio station, claiming that he was merely following instructions given to him from his station manager.

Kwenisto explained that after working for Thobela FM for seven years and hosting the New Year's show five times, he knew what the process was when it came to choosing the song of the year.

Kwenisto shared that on the 18th of December, he had a meeting with all parties involved and it was decided that King Monada's single would be chosen as song of the year. He says the decision was a done deal but on the 31st of December, everything changed.


"So my post about vote for Master KG and Vote for King Monada were not meant to support them on Summer Song of the year not Song of the year on Thobela FM. So now this how everything changed and it changed the whole scenario. On the 31st Dec I WOKE up and had a normal day as I waited for my shift for that night. The show started at at 10pm. Around 7 pm a message came into our staff WhatsApp group to from our station manager saying we should call her urgently. Thabo did. Thabo was given instructions which he gave to me and KV as we were hosting the show together. On my arrival Thabo sat us down and he told us what he was told via the call. The instruction was the song of the year has changed from Malwedhe to Skeleton Move."

Kwenisto explained that he received the instructions from the station manager who had ordered for the two DJs to give the song of the year title to Master KG & not King Monada. They were given strict instructions to change the songs.

.."At 10:15 while we started the show the station manager called again to emphasize the changes. This time Thabo made loud speaker. The instruction was very clear. The song of the year is Skeleton Move no longer Malwedhe. I FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS."

Kwenisto then proceeded to throw his station manager under the bus as she had not consulted with the committee about the change of songs.

Check out the full statement here:

According to SABC Spokesperson - Vuyo Mthembu,
the investigation into the Song of the Year on Thobela FM is still ongoing.

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