King Monada's ex-Friend Drags Him Online

The former besties says King Monada is "Greedy"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

An angry former friend has just done his best to rub King Monada's name through the mud and the scorned man has dubbed the singer as "greedy" in what is quickly becoming an ugly Twitter war.

It feels like everybody in South Africa loves King Monada right now. Some have compared him to Burna Boy and Wizkid while others have described him as our answer to Drake. But it seems as if the one person across the whole of Mzansi who does not like the singer (and his infectious brand of music) it's his former best friend, Omee Otis.

It all began when a song was released titled "Letter to the King" and there are no prizes for guessing who it was directed at. Omee, who is a musician himself, released the diss track which was loaded with explosive allegations against "The King" which included details of fights with other artists, accusations of selfishness and plenty more.

Among some of the most scandalous lines came the accusation that Omee Otis had written some of King Monada's songs and not been credited:

Omee also accuses King Monada of fighting with one half of Double Trouble (a member by the name of CK). Omee says, “He even fought with CK of Double Trouble after he appeared in one of Master KG’s music videos,”

However, the disgruntled former friend has found little sympathy on the timeline and indeed the industry. King Monada's fans have been extremely vocal about whose side they are taking in this beef (hint, it's not Omee's!) while CK from Double Trouble has completely dismissed all suggestion of him ever fighting with King Monada.

Meanwhile, King Monada's manager, Albert Makwela,  had no time for these allegations. In a comment to Sunday Sun, the manager said,

“Look, Monada is one of the top artists and people will always drag his name through the mud. We can see that Omee has moved to another recording studio and is being used to attack Monada,”

Do you agree with albert that Omee Otis is simply looking for clout by attacking one of the most successful musicians in the country?

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