Listeners not impressed with Shimza's advice to King Monada

People were in their feelings with regards to what Shimza said

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | King Monada  | Drama


If you do not know who King Monada is or if you do not understand why he's currently the most popular artist in South Africa, it means that you're clearly living under a rock.

King Monada, thanks to his recent single iDibala which has been rocking the nation since its release, was interviewed on Metro FM about his career and how he came about creating the song.

While people called in to praise him for making yet another smash hit for December, others thought that DJ Shimza was being unnecessary with his comment. Shimza, who occasionally plays on the show apparently asked a question that did not settle well with the listeners and suggested that King Monada should slightly change his sound.

People who were listening to the show thought that Shimza was being unnecessary about his suggestions and questions and as usual, people took their frustration to the Twitter streets.


Wow, Shimza sure rubbed off some people the wrong way, however, maybe he's suggestion came from a good place and maybe he's just trying to help another artist?

In other good King Monada news, people have expressed how proud they are that the artist answers all questions in his home language. 

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJShimza