Kwesta and Metro FM catch heat in Kimberley

#METROFMHeatwaveKIM did not go as planned

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

The Metro FM Heatwave made its way to the city of Diamonds this past weekend, but some fans who attended the event were not too pleased with the way events transpired. 

December is the hottest month of the year in South Africa - not only in terms of temperature, but considering the fiery events we have across the country this month. Let’s just say it gets LIT. So, when the people of Kimberley found out that the Metro FM Heatwave was coming to their town, you can understand why the mood was at literal fever pitch. 

Unfortunately, the events that transpired didn’t live up to the excitement that had been building up for weeks ahead of the event. Here’s everything that went wrong on the day: 

Crowd Control Issues 

It was a weekend filled with crowd control issues. Just ask AKA who had beer bottles and cans thrown at him from overly-eager fans. The Metro FM Heatwave was the same with many reporting that the crowd was out of control. We can understand why they’d be disappointed considering the poor turn out from the artists on the roster.

Kwesta didn’t show up 

There were a few artist no-shows, but Kwesta’s was probably the most keenly felt by concert-goers who were excited to see the Vur Vai rapper in action. Sadly, he couldn’t make it due to the crowd control issues. He apologised on Twitter: 

Unfortunately, many people didn’t buy his apology:

More no shows 

DJ Speedsta and Distruction Boyz also had to cancel at the last minute after claiming that bad weather prevented their plane from landing. Not sure about you, but Accu Weather claims that the temperature on the day was a scorching 39 degrees celsius. Uncomfortable? Yes, but hardly the kind of weather that could prevent travel from happening.

“Don’t come back to Kimberly!” 

In the end, the people of  Kimberly were left unimpressed with the events that transpired. Many frustrated fans angrily told Metro FM (and Kwesta) not to bother coming back: 

But it wasn’t all negative… 

The artists who did turn up received a lot of love from the masses. DJs such as Mo Flava and rapper, Khuli Chana, helped salvage the night’s entertainment, ensuring a few fans were able to still enjoy their night.

Were you at the Metro FM Heatwave in Kimberley? What did you think of the events that transpired?

Main image credit: Instagram/@kwestadakar