Kwest Needs To Find His Twin

Who knew Kwesta had a twin?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Kwesta  | Drama

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It's always interesting to come across celebrity doppelgängers, and Kwesta is the latest celebrity to officially now have a doppelgänger of his own.

However, the only difference with his situation is that his twin looks 10 years older than him.

Last week, Kwesta became the topic of discussion not because of his music but because of a picture of a man that resembled him.

The rapper was then inundated with messages from his fans enquiring about whether he was aware that there was a man out there who looks like him.

The image even caught the attention of fellow rapper, L-Tido who was as perplexed as many of us with the picture of the mystery man.

In a video posted by L-Tido, the rapper asked Kwesta if he knew this man, to which Kwesta jokingly replied by mentioning that the mystery man was his brother and that he needs help in finding him.

We certainly do hope Kwesta finds his "brother".

Remember when Nasty C also had the pleasure of meeting his twin Nasty B?
When the two met it became such a glorious occasion, we hope that Kwesta's meet up with his twin will be just as special.
Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Kwestadakar

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