Kwesta Issues Statement On Shooting Incident

He has never owned a gun.

By  | Mar 19, 2020, 03:44 PM  | Kwesta  | Drama

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In a bid to clear his name and prove his innocence, rapper Kwesta took to Instagram and issued out a statement regarding a shooting incident.

The lengthy statement addresses a shooting incident that occurred on the 12th of March when he and four other rappers were on set shooting a new music video for rapper Big Zulu.

In a report by Daily Sun, they alleged that two people were shot after an altercation on the set of Big Zulu's music video for his single Billion in Westberry, Johannesburg.

Rappers present during the shooting of the music video were Kwesta, Youngsta CPT , Stilo Magolide and Zakwe. Dakar's statement looks to lay all assumptions to rest.

He says that he has never owned a gun, carried one or even shot at any person at any point of his life.

"I was told that an altercation occurred between two individuals just as we wrapped the shoot, I am not aware over what the altercation was about, but it led to one of the guys firing a firearm," he wrote.

He says that Big Zulu intervened to try and 'remedy the situation' to stop the shooting.

"The shooter thereafter fled the scene. To our assumption after the incident was over, we didn’t see anyone that got hurt or appeared to be shot as some people had run away after hearing the gunshots,"

Unbeknownst to him, he would get a call from people accusing him for the shooting. 

"Later in the evening I started getting calls that I am being accused of shooting people. I would like to declare that this is not true and that I was not involved in any altercations that led to people being shot," he declared.

He details the scene below in his IG post:
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