So Kwesta says it wasn't a wedding

Apparently yesterday's ceremony was just a celebration and not a wedding 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Kwesta  | Drama

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Kwesta got married!

If Kwesta is your crush, as a lot of you told us yesterday when that report about his wedding went out, you can rest easy as the rapper says he isn't married yet. 

He reached out to us earlier today to clear up the confusion about the ceremony held eThekwini yesterday, simply stating "uMemulo: "Engagement party" & traditional gift exchange... Please retract wedding headline."

Kwesta Yolanda Mvelase wedding

An Umemulo is a traditional Zulu coming of age ceremony for women which involves slaughtering a cow and the traditional Zulu dance Ukusina in which the young woman dances holding a spear. 

The Umemulo ceremony signifies that the she is now ready for marriage.

Kwesta Yolanda Mvelase wedding

The gift exchange he's referring to is called Umembeso (or izibizo) which is held after ilobola has officially been paid. During the umembeso ceremony the groom’s family takes gifts to the bride’s family as a way of thanking them for the new daughter they've gained. 

Umembeso is usually followed by Umbondo where the bride reciprocates the aforementioned ceremony by buying groceries for the groom’s family.

Kwesta Yolanda Mvelase Wedding

Even though the couple is as good as married, according to traditional steps, the next step would be Umabo or the traditional Zulu wedding (and a white wedding if the couple wants one). 

Apologies for the premature congratulations Senzo and Yolanda, but the good wishes from the ZAlebs family to yours still stand. We wish you all the best on this new chapter of your lives. 

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