L-Tido weighs in on “false rape” discussion

Was the rapper commenting on Chris Brown’s drama?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | L-Tido  | Drama

#16 Rapper, L-Tido took to Twitter this week to air his views on what should happen to people who falsely accuse others of rape. 

Although the rapper didn’t mention Chris Brown’s name, the timing of the tweet suggests that he was commenting on a recent story which broke earlier this week. The American singer was arrested on suspicion of rape before eventually being released from custody without being charged. 

Reports suggest that Breezy is now taking legal steps to sue the woman who accused him, and many people have responded with mixed opinions in the time since the story broke. Now, back to L-Tido. 

Those defending Chris have directed their anger at his accuser (the singer shared a video denying all allegations) and also brought up the age-old discussion around false rape reports. L-Tido, whether commenting on Chris' saga or simply sharing his views, made it clear which side of the fence he sits. 

The rapper wrote on Twitter:

This sparked a discussion in his comments with many (mostly men) agreeing with him. While his suggestion didn’t stem from a bad place, it was worth questioning if this was where our collective anger (especially as men) should be directed:
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L-Tido’s comments on the subject of sex and consent have landed him in trouble in the past. Do you remember this tweet from mid-2018?

In the end, he clarified that he would never coerce a woman into sex unless she gave clear consent.

Main image credit: Instagram/@l_tido