Lady Zamar steals the Miss SA spotlight for all the wrong reasons

The star was trending at number 1 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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Miss SA is one of the most prestigious occasions that take place every year, people tune in for a different set of reasons, some tune in to see the ladies, the glamour or to see the artists. 

This year though, something else had the masses talking besides the above: Lady Zamar's choice of clothing. Now, when people heard that the artist was on the bill to perform for the night, some were already skeptical about what she was going to wear. 

And true to form, she gave them something to talk about as she came out for her performance rocking an orange jumpsuit. 

As expected, the South African audience went in...

Others cried sabotage

Others' dissatisfaction was better expressed in a GIF

Others further emphasised that she switch designers, as this isn't the first time she's gotten it wrong

But the Collide singer wasn't having any of it, she went on Twitter to express her love for her designer, PineNaple who's been putting together her pieces for a while now. 

Oh well, it doesn't matter what the world says as long as the artist is comfortable on stage in what she's rocking. Right?

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