Lalla Hirayama Takes Legal Action Against Abusive Dad

Another Zaleb with daddy issues...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lalla Hirayama  | Drama

Lalla Hirayama has been granted a protection order against her father Lance Cooper, whom she alleges is violent and abusive

The model and Vuzu presenter - who is currently in Japan for work - obtained the interim order at the Randburg Magistrates Court, which bans her father from communicating with her and stalking her and her family.

Lalla alleges that her dad - who she claims is an acting sangoma - has been physically and verbally abusive towards her and her elderly mother.

In court papers, Lalla detailed an incident where her dad harassed her mom at work and had to be escorted off the property. She also claims he would verbally abuse her 97 year-old grandfather and extorted money and possessions from him.
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In another incident, Lalla claims her father arrived at her home in Randburg armed and threatened to physically break in if her was not let in.

She also emphasised his violent nature in court papers and pleaded with the court to seize his weapons and prevent him from coming into contact with her family.

An excerpt read: “My father is known to consistently carry weapons such as knives, blades, axes, daggers, and knuckle dusters on his person and has expressed his desires and consistent attempts to acquire a gun.”

She added that there was also a criminal case pending against him.

Lalla also claims her dad has repeatedly threatened to 'end her career'

She claims he threatened to compromise her two month working tour to Japan ahead of the Rugby World Cup.

Lalla is currently in Japan with her mom in a move she claims was ‘for safety’.

“Restraining orders are unfortunately only pieces of paper, at the end of the day,” she tweeted of the move.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of her dysfunctional relationship with her dad

In a statement in response to claims she was aware her ex-boyfriend Chris Nkosi had raped another woman, Lalla mentioned how her unstable upbringing had laid the groundwork for her toxic relationship.

She wrote of her dad; “He is bipolar, a psychopath, with episodes of drug-felled psychosis, manic phases and through my unstable childhood with a father who was on drugs, I struggled to have a normal childhood, between bullying at school and a wrecked home, filled with my father, disappearing constantly, prostitutes in our home, times of no food or electricity after my father binges, or other traumatic experiences I don’t need to mention.”

This just goes to show, you never know what happens behind closed doors!

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