ZAlebs team hooked on fame

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lalla Hirayama  | Drama

I’ve been observing my fellow teammates lately and it hit me that we’re actually starting to become the people we report about. It has put me at such unease that we’re actually beginning to mirror the celebrities we encounter, whether they be local or international personalities.

Now don’t get me wrong, by no means are we aspiring to be celebrities, no siree! That life is interesting and glamorous at times, but it can be rough too!

But with all the craziness we’ve experienced in this entertainment industry, I remember the day my editor (Tinashe) and I made a pact that we would never get swallowed up by these flashy lights, fast cars and glamorous events. I was relieved when our newest member Siyathemba Ben echoed the exact same sentiments; fame and celelbritydom was not her thing. By the way I just made that term up, celebritydom, seeing that Twitter has made it ok to make up terms like FOMO.

Anyway, in the past couple of days my two colleagues have played me for a fool! I should’ve realised this before, when Tinashe informed me that he’d be appearing on SABC 3’s morning show Expresso.  I brushed it off as it was a work related project. My concerns were raised when he posted a dual image of him and a certain celebrity last week, the sparkle in his eyes when he gloated at the scary fact that he kind of looks like Eddie Murphy sent shivers up my spine. I knew there was no point of return for him, I mean look at this image, him and Ed actually do look alike.

However, I was calm as I still had Siya whom I believed had not been eaten by this monster I call fame. I had spoken too soon as I found this dual image of her and Solange hidden deep in her purse, it was evident that Siya had some sick, twisted fantasy of becoming one of the Knowles sisters. Just like Tinashe’s fantasy of becoming Eddie Murphy’s son.

I was hurt, had my anti-fame comrades fallen victim to the infamous entertainment drug that is fame? Yes, but I too had already become an addict to this drug, after Tinashe had accused me of having “Chris Nkosi tendencies.”

For those who are not in the know, Chris Nkosi is boyfriend to entertainment personality Lalla Hirayama. Tinashe had pointed out my sudden interest in wearing beanies.

Just look at me trying to pull a Chris Nkosi in every ZAlebs TV episode:

Although I look nothing like Chris I sure am following his beanie trend, I'm so cheesy I even brought a grey beanie too *sigh*

Fame, what an addictive yet attractive drug it is.