Was That An Apology From Larryngitis?

Club promoter Larryngytis makes a statement

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Larry "Larryngitis" Nhlane  | Drama

It has been a mere couple of months since the Twitter streets were ablaze when the former Running The Reps reality star and club promoter, Larryngitis was being accused of physical abuse by his baby's mother, Noxieh.

Noxieh went through a series of tweets that showcased what seemed to be a breaking point in her relationship with Larryngitis.

Noxieh explained that she decided to go public about her toxic relationship with Larry because of the way he had continued to unfairly treat her and their son- even after the many incidences she alleges he has done to them.

Of course after all the backlash and what we can only imagine being in a tidal wave of responses and attacks flooding Larry's social media accounts-he swiftly deleted his accounts and took to hiding.

The last we heard from the reality television star and former club promoter, was a IG story post that marked the day that Noxieh went public as the "saddest day of his life."

Cut to, almost halfway through the year and two months after Noxieh made her claims and after Larryngitis, was indeed let go from his club promoter position-he released a statement via his sister's twitter.

In short, Larry explains his background story and his trauma growing up as a kid and being primarily raised by his older sister. He also goes on to express that when his mother passed on, he realizes now that this might've been a pivotal moment in his life which has inevitably pushed him into a cycle of toxic behaviors.

But throughout the four-page letter statement, was there an apology? Or was it just a short autobiography?

He does mention that he has apologized to Noxieh and her family and he continues to thank his supporters and hopes that he can start afresh and continue his responsibilities. But is it enough?

The Twitter streets had this mixed bag of emotions to spill:

What is there more to say? It looks like Larry, though it was the right time to let us in on what he has been dealing with but some feel like it may be a little too late for redemption.

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