LIES! Bob Never Called Lira "Ugly"

Leave Bob Mabena out of your fake news!!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lerato "Lira" Molapo  | Drama

If you lie about Bob Mabena on the TL, he will find you and expose you for your fraudulent ways and it won't be pretty! That's exactly what happened earlier this week when a troll attempted to spark a feud between Bra Bob and local singer, Lira.

One of Women's Month's biggest stories came last week when Lira made history by becoming the first African woman to have a Barbie Doll made in her likeness. As much as this was a story worthy of celebration, some people have found a way to try and turn it into a fight by spreading lies on the timeline.

It began when Kaya FM interviewed Lira about her history-making doll which was made as part of their on-going SHERO campaign. Lira gushed while on-air, explaining the surprise with which this massive achievement took her by. She said on the radio:

"Never in my lifetime did I imagine this would happen. There was a bit of disbelief when I was chosen to be honoured in this way and I thought it was a prank!"

The interview was exciting and humorous in some parts but unfortunately, some men only want to see the world burn and things got ugly (in more ways than one) on the timeline when a tweep tried to spark beef between Lira and one of the station's previous talents, Bob Mabena.

The troll in question wrote:

"I'm happy 4 miss Lira cause Bob Mabena when still working 4 Kaya said Lira was the ugliest musician and look at what is happening now. Bob Mabena is a hater."

As it turns out, this was completely false. Refusing to see his name smeared (and also refusing to ruin Lira's special moment), Bob retorted immediately:

It takes one troll to pave the way for others to try and do the same and that's exactly what happened. A lot of people pointed out that Bob Mabena didn't exactly deny calling Lira ugly, even if he accused the initial troll of lying.

Do you think that people are reaching for a story here?

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