Letoya and Pearl Modiadie share emotional moment

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Letoya Makhene  | Drama

We really got to know Letoya Makhene when we watched Thursday evening's episode of Zaziwa. The Generations: The Legacy actress shared some of her precious moments on the show with host Pearl Modiadie

At the beginning of the interview, Pearl played one of Letoya's music videos (she was in a band called S'kool Girlz with her sisters), which made the actress cry.

Letoya explained to Pearl: "You've taken me far back to a time when our mom was around, before she passed away. To a time when all we had was security and the security of our family because that's all we knew. It was a time before my baby sister got involved in drugs, it was a time... wow... before marriages and divorces, it was a special time..."

She also spoke about her mother and how she would sing for her. Letoya also explained that she's a a firm believer in blind faith. She learned this from her mother, who was told that she would never walk again after being involved in an accident. She said her mother was so determined to walk, and that it eventually happened. 

"Whatever you want you will get, if you want it with all your heart. And you send your prayers out to the universe and to God and your ancestors... You cannot go wrong from there." 

Pearl started tearing up and thanked Letoya for sharing. "Wow! I know that a lot of people watching really needed to hear that. I feel like me looking at you right now, I needed to hear that as well, so thank you... I am teary," Pearl said, with tears rolling down her face. 

Letoya responded: "You can relate to me because your mother also passed away. You lost your mom too, when you were young. You needed her, and you still need her. You're still going to get married, you'll get children, you're going to go through so many things where you're gonna realise that she's not there and you kinda learn to deal with it but you never get over it. You learn to deal with the pain but it doesn't go away."

Pearl agreed. Wow! What a touching moment.