Lexi distraught after second burglary at Mandla’s

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lexi van Niekerk  | Drama

The mood has turned somber at the home of former Big Brother Stars and expectant couple Mandla and Lexi after a burglary.

“Shout out to the people that broke into my bf's place AGAIN. You're so clever that you only took a few things. Y don't u just sweep the place”, tweeted a fuming Lexi in the early hours of Saturday morning. The couple says this was the second time Mandla’s home had been burgled, and Lexi also feels let down by the country’s justice system.

Lexi was particularly disheartened after the incident, and vented even further.

Followers of ‘Mandlexi’, as the pair is affectionately known, tweeted in words of support, urging the couple to stay strong.

Eish, shame. When will the celeb robberies stop?