Linda Takes On Dubai

The actress is enjoying herself in Dubai.

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Is it safe to regard South African actress, Linda Mtoba as a globetrotter of note? Homegirl has been hitting those travel destinations for a minute now. Clearly she can manage her busy acting schedule and travelling hobby. Judging by her Instagram posts, the actress can be seen travelling in various parts of the world with her better half. It is quite evident that these two share a deep love and passion of travelling. Linda's travel snaps are enough to send the rest of us to envy lane as she is living her best life and we are here for it.

Dubai has become one of the most ideal travel destinations for some of our favourite celebrities in South Africa. Who could ever forget actress and television producer, Sonia Mbele when she took a well deserved break from all the hustle and bustle of the local entertainment scene and Joburg City? Therefore Linda Mtoba was not going to be found lagging behind as she is currently doing the most in Dubai this time around with her husband in tow. If her recent Instagram snaps are anything to go by, we can safely declare that our beloved actress is having the time of her life.

One of her first stops was at the Waterpark called, Wild Wadi, but being the Durbanite that she is, swimming is second nature to her. Those theme parks that she took to, were evidently a treat as they she enjoyed every second of it, whilst snapping away. It would be criminal to not mention fashion and Linda Mtoba in one sentence. Her followers have come to notice that she truly does put quite a fair amount of effort when stepping out, therefore her trips to various parts of Dubai were nothing short of all things style.

Below are just some of the snaps from Linda's glittery Instagram page, whereby she shared photographs of her fabulous time - all the way in Dubai.

1. Yep!, she took to the water with her wig and make up but still came out like a Queen that she is.

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2. Second stop was at the Motion Gate Dubai, this photo indicates that this was one of those chilled out days but that did not stop her from cladding herself in fabulous pieces ranging from a Gucci belt, Long summer dress and then she went chick by pairing her look with sneakers and of course some cool shades to complete the look.

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3. Linda's Amusement Park experience was one for the books, wouldn't you agree? Her look this time around was more simple and sporty, that black jumpsuit was perfect for the activities that lay ahead of them. Which also included eating out at restaurants which allowed for great viewing.

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Dubai has been a travel destination that celebs have come to be regulars there. Remember that time when rapper and Idols host, Proverb took to Dubai after that break up of his with former Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie? The trip was probably an outlet for him to just unwind and reflect. The talented rapper enjoyed quite a few interesting festivities whilst in Dubai including, sightseeing, cruising on the boat and just merely going about different spots around the beautiful and serene Dubai.

Making sure that they too, are not being left behind, is South Africa's powerhouse actresses, Mampho Brescia and Terry Pheto. These two also had their turn in Dubai to just take some much needed time out from their busy hustles of running a business that offers educational toys to delivering stellar performances with their acting careers.

Lastly , we have Mzansi's most loved celebrity, Bonang Matheba coming through with her Dubai experience during the last quarter of the year 2018. With her numerous travelling experiences, many were pleasantly surprised that Moghel was actually exploring Dubai for the first time in her life. With Bonang, it was a bit difficult to dissect whether she was there for some down time or work purposes, but she clearly had a great time with former South African top model, Babalwa Mneno.

From Mzansi to Dubai, these celebrities have an amazing zest for life and their travelling experiences are to die for.

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