#LockDown: MaZet's Words Cut Tyson Deep

Damn, now that was a low blow

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

The fourth season of LockDown continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

With the addition of new cast members and a storyline that has us yearning for another episode, it is no surprise that LockDown managed to scoop the most awards at this year's SAFTAs.

Monday night's episode proved to be just as riveting as we got pulled into Tyson and Mazet's continuous rivalry against each other.

The two hard-core prisoners nearly broke into a fight last night after an altercation that had Tyson fuming with anger.

As the two ladies fight for power in prison, Mazet crushed Tyson's ego with a few words that cut her so deep, Tyson was ready to slit Mazet's throat if the other prisoners hadn't held her back from sinking her nails into Mazet.

As they confronted each other about their power struggles, Mazet gave Tyson a verbal blow by reminding her that she got raped and fell pregnant in prison.

The words cut Tyson so deep she immediately froze and recollected all of the physical and emotional pain she went through during those difficult months.

And before we knew it, Tyson was in a rage of anger ready to bite Mazet's head off.

Wow, Mazet didn't have to take it there, but she did.

It's true, the tongue is mightier than the sword and Tyson sure got cut deep.

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