Lorna Maseko headed to cooking school

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lorna Maseko  | Drama

Being a television host, choreographer, dancer, and businesswoman is just not enough for Lorna Maseko.

The Top Billing presenter now has her sights set on being a chef. 

Lorna told the Sandton Chronicle after appearing on Celebrity Masterchef SA that she realised she enjoys cooking and finds it theraputic. "Going to cooking school will just refine my passion and turn it into a culinary art," she said.  

According to the publication, Lorna plans to grow her series of Cooking With Lorna and Friends events after completing a four-year course.  "My friends know that I love hosting dinners and little soirees, so it’s all part of fuelling different facets of my personality, and cooking is one of them." 

She added that she's also working on a cooking show and looking at other properties that can be explored within the food space. "But in due time it will all fall into place." 

Good luck, Lorna. 

Image credit: Instagram