Loyiso Bala strikes back

Loyiso is not phased by haters 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Loyiso Bala  | Drama

Loyiso Bala

Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Loyiso Bala has been excelling in the music industry for decades and as he moves further up in his career, he's not willing to argue with haters.

The musician's profile goes as far as when he was 15-years-old, being trained by the prestigious Drakensberg Boys Choir in South Africa, he and his brothers went on to form a successful vocal trio. After pursuing his solo career, Loyiso has since bagged many accolades for both his vocals and production .

A tweep recently took to social media claiming that Loyiso Bala was a Karaoke musician as he was constantly singing cover songs. The musician went on to silence the hater with a brutal clap back.

Read the tweet below:

Loyiso Bala claps back

Main image credit: instagram.com/@loyisobala

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