Loyiso MacDonald opens up about surviving sexual assault

His bravery helped others come forward 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Loyiso MacDonald  | Drama

Loyiso MacDonald

Speaking to Film, TV & Gaming news publication, Screen Africa, the Queen Mzansi actor shared a past experience he had with a neighbor that had been targeting young boys in the area where he stayed. 

"It was a neighbor who targeted certain boys in the area... I didn't know this at the time but it only came out - again this is why it's so important to speak up, but once I had spoken to my parents and said 'look this is what I've experienced, they handled it with care and I saw a social worker and eventually it ended up in court," he explained.

    After the steps his parents took, other boys in the area felt comfortable enough to share their experience with the same man. 

    Loyiso continues to open up about his story and hopes other young people who have been through the same situation will be brave enough to speak on this matter to help heal.

    Loyiso is also currently working with Bravado movement to help open up the conversation about the sexual assault.

    Respect to Loyiso.

    Main image credit: instagram.com/@loymacdonald