How Lootlove Lost Out On R250K

Life isn't fair.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Luthando "LootLove" Shosha  | Drama

Being a female in the entertainment industry, especially within the Hip Hop sector comes with a lot of challenges.

You're either taken for granted as a custodian/honcho of the culture or you're just not taken seriously at all.

The challenges mentioned above are what we came to learn after listening to Lootlove, Lee Kasumba and Ayanda MVP's interview on The Sobering Podcast, which is currently available on Spotify. If you have the time, do take a listen to the podcast, it was quite interesting.

All three ladies were asked about their experiences as women working in the entertainment industry, and what we came to learn about their experiences was quite shocking.

Parts of the shocking interview included Lootlove & Lee Kasumba sharing stories about how some male acquaintances they knew within the industry had led the public to believe that they (the men) and these ladies had some sort of sexual relationship they had going on, which was not the case.

The podcast became even more profound when Lootlove shared how she lost out on a campaign worth R250,000 just because she was pregnant. Wow.

This subject became a topic of discussion after the ladies were asked about their views with regards to Nike coming under fire after the brand got criticized for its treatment towards sponsored athletes who became pregnant.

Lootlove shared that although she was quite prepared to not work for a couple of month's because of her pregnancy, and because she wanted to take a break from the industry, the media personality did admit that she was taken aback a bit at the fact that she lost out on an R250,000 deal just because she was pregnant.

"I lost a R250k cheque because I was pregnant, that was cold, that was a wake-up call. But, it didn't matter at the time because my health mattered, I took two seconds and I was like; 'You know what? God is going to give me quadruple, it's fine."

Loot explained that she told the specific brand she was going to work with about her pregnancy because she wanted to be transparent and honest. Unfortunately, her honesty cost her a big cheque.

The brand appreciated her honesty and said they would get back to her within two days, which they never did. A few weeks down the line, she saw everything related to what she was going to do with the brand roll out. The mother of two then quickly realised that they didn't get back to her because she was pregnant.

Damn, that's really cold.

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