Mabala Noise addresses the #MigosCultureTour drama

Mabala Noise finally breaks the silence on this past weekend's concert drama

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Mabala Noise  | Drama

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Why Migos coming to SA is such a big deal

This past weekend's highly anticipated #MigosCultureTour left fans in both Johannesburg and Durban fuming on social media following what they felt were lacklustre performances and poor planning and more than 24 hours later, the organizer has decided to directly address the matter. 

"We would like to thank all the fans and supporters who came out to The Dome on Saturday to the Migos SA Tour,” began Mabala Noise spokesperson, Sikhulile Nzuza, in a statement. 

One of the many problems that occurred on Saturday was the inability of the organizers to get concert goers into the venue quickly enough once the rain began. The delays in the ticketing system caused a frenzy which was followed by a stampede that saw people without tags force their way into the venue. This however posed a problem for them as they were unable to access the Golden Circle area without the necessary tags.

According to Mabala, "just after 7pm on Saturday evening a massive storm descended on Johannesburg significantly impacting some of the access control points and the electronic accreditation systems. In the best interests of public safety, the VOC made the decision to pause the live performances until such time as the access points were operating effectively and the safety of patrons could be assured." 

This pause was in reference to the fact that there was a two-hour gap in performances after DJ Speedsta's set which was supposed to be filled by AKA and Babes Wodumo. 

"The safety of the fans was paramount. The time taken to ensure that the event could continue safely caused the delay to the concert schedule and timings had to be adjusted accordingly," added Mabala Noise. 

The entertainment company further added that all booked South African artists were backstage and made aware of the situation. Migos went on stage at their scheduled time slot and performed their full set but AKA did not close the show as promised. 

Fans who attended the concert were quite angered by the performance delays that occurred on the night.

Here's what some of the concert attendees had to say: 

"The first opening act was Riky Rick, he performed at 7:00pm for 30 minutes. From 7:30pm to 10:00pm we were left hanging. Then Nasty C comes on for 20 minutes then we're left hanging for another hour. Migos eventually shows up and perform six songs. The f*** we waited for that?"

And it also seems like it was the hot women who were having the most fun at the concert as they received numerous backstage passes to where the artists were.

"The best part is that we were standing next to the media entrance and they literally went scouting for all the bad b**** None of them had backstage passes but they were just going through backstage and at some point, you would see these girls on stage at the back," said another attendee.

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