Mampintsha launches a campaign to FIX Men

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mampintsha  | Drama

Mampintsha seems to be owning up to his acts or is it a publicity stunt? The alleged abuser has started a new campaign to help men fixes their issues. 

The musician announced on Twitter that the campaign #FixHimFixIt aims at helping men talk and deal with issues that could lead to abusive behaviour and launches on the 3rd of April.

“This is a campaign well structured to eradicate and fix the gender-based violence in our country… I am currently busy with a team of active psychologists, some victims of abuse, perpetrators, religious leader, a social activist and influencer and internet specialists to come up with a ground-breaking invention that can assess people online about abuse,” he shared.

Mampinstha elaborated how he believes that the solution should be affordable and accessible to the black unemployed community as that is where the problem is rife.  He also acknowledged how his role as a public figure could help change things.


Close friends have been supporting him since he was charged with assault this includes Durban artist manager Lindo Buthelezi popularly known as Dogg.
Dogg shared on an Instagram post how proud he was of Mampintsha seeking out help and how he will continue to support him:

“I know it's unfashionable to be beside u right now but I really proud of u for taking responsibility and accepting the repercussions of your actions. We're raised to bottle everything up n when explosions happen people say whatever. Now is a turning point in every young African man to face the things that make us ashamed like speaking to professionals and stop bottling everything up! I will support u in this journey because if we FIX the MALE figure in society through education - we FIX the whole abuse problem.”

Main Image Credit: @sphesihle_sogoni