Silencing Mampintsha Won't Help

DJ Fisherman speaks out

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mampintsha  | Drama

Since the incident between Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo occurred a week ago, many entertainers have been asked what their views are about the situation.

The backlash towards Mampintsha has been quite clear as many entertainers and media personalities have sighted the musician should be muted after he was caught red-handed physically assaulting Babes Wodumo.

However, others have mentioned that muting Mampintsha will automatically mean muting Babes Wodumo.

One entertainer who is of this belief is DJ Fisherman who shared a long message about where he stands with regards to the whole notion of muting Mampintsha.

DJ Fisherman mentioned that silencing Mampintsha would not be ideal as there are far too many people who are financially dependent on the West Ink Founder.

He also raised concerns about what would happen to musicians who had created music with Mampintsha, saying:

DJ Fisherman does not deny that what Mampintsha did was wrong and that he deserves

"Ok on the other hand, some have said they won't play his music and many have called on such. I understand the frustration. So what happens to us ke who have music with him? We've invested money and so much time making music only for it to be ruined by one man's mistakes.

Do people also realize that silencing Mampintsha also silences Babes? Because most of the music Babes has Mampintsha is also featured. Silencing Mampintsha also means ALL THE PRODUCERS AND ENGINEERS involved in his music are silenced and starved. Innocent people are gonna watch their hard work go down the drain,"
he explained.


The DJ further explained that silencing that this is a sad reality that all people involved and affected by the situation need to deal with. He has also called on experts to help find a solution as this is an extremely sensitive issue that has, directly and indirectly, affected many people that have worked with Mampintsha.

However, DJ Fisherman does not deny that what Mampintsha did was totally out of line.

The DJ/Producer received mixed reactions about his comment, while some agreed with him others did not take likely to his statement.

Even Miss Pru chimed in and expressed that no experts are needed to find a solution to this situation, to her it is quite simple, Mampintsha needs to be muted.

While others have tried to see DJ Fisherman's point of view it is evident that the idea of muting Mampintsha is still an ongoing debate that will probably still go on for months to come.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJFisherman