Three times Maps Maponyane was dragged on Twitter

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Maps Maponyane  | Drama

Maps Maponyane sometimes makes headlines for the wrong reasons.

The model and stylish personality tends to rub some people the wrong way on social media. This was clear on Wednesday, after he tried to act smart by teaching people how to pronounce certain words. It all started when a certain Twitter user made a joke about how some people pronounce Moët. 

Uhm... but the joke was on him. 

Anyway, Maps saw this as an opportunity to school the Twitterverse. He first shared a tweet about some of the most mispronounced words...

And then, as expected, he taught us how to say them correctly...

Wait, what? Por-shaa? We've all learned something here. Well done, Maps. While the media personality was expecting this reaction: 

He got this instead... 

Some tweeps were not impressed, and they dragged him.

Sjoe! Now that was rough. 

This is not the first time Maps has faced the wrath of Twitter. Back in October 2015, he was criticised after posting a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume he found funny. 

This was followed by a string of comments from people who were not amused. 

Oh, we cannot forget the time he "joked" about Xhosas, and quickly landed in hot water.

Err... Joke? Nah. Some people were certainly not laughing. 

Oh, but he apologised...

Are tweeps being too hard on Maps? 

Image credit: Instagram