Marcia: The Hustle was like boot camp

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

Marcia “Genius” Bucwa is The Hustle’s latest contestant to be booted from the show after she lost a rap battle against Nelisiwe Xaba.

ZAlebs caught up with Marcia and she explained her entire experience on The Hustle.

She said: “Being part of The Hustle was a great experience, especially when it came to the last episode. I was on because it was pretty challenging, there was a lot of pressure and everything was just pretty hectic. When the camera lights are on, you have to do everything accordingly and with perfection. Also, at the same time, you’re not only battling your opponent but you’re also battling inner self because you want to see how far you can go in this highly competitive competition. It was hard, man.

"It was one of the most difficult experiences I’ve ever had to go through, but at the same time it was a great experience because as an artist it taught me how far I can push myself.”

Busiswa was one of the judges in the last episode Marcia was on, and she revealed that she and Busiswa have actually known each other for some years now. 

She continued: “Busiswa is actually someone I’ve been acquainted with prior to the competition. Growing up in Durban we used to be in the same circles and perform in the same areas. Busiswa actually used to hook me up with gigs where I used to perform in and for me seeing her, was actually a blessing more than anything because it showed me that now I really need to pull my socks up because one of my mentors is around. She’s someone who has been mentoring me since day one.

"Busiswa is such a blessing and a great person to work with. Her music is obviously well received in the industry at the moment, so her presence was just a blessing and a beautiful experience.”

Marcia surprised us when she stated that The Hustle was more of a boot camp than a competition.

“I keep telling people, man, The Hustle was not a competition, it was literally a boot camp. A lot of people are busy saying they want to go to The Hustle next year, but honestly that’s boot camp, not anyone can survive that place and for most of us who were there, we now know the hustle and how strong-willed you need to be to make it into this industry," she said.

Marcia added that she's currently working on her new single, entitled Tshelete, as well as an album, entitled Power.

More power to you, Marcia. We hope you'll break into the local hip-hop scene and give some of our rappers a run for their money.

Image Credit: Twitter