''I Was Molested By My Stepfather At 9''

Masechaba Ndlovu's heartbreaking reveal.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Masechaba Lekalake  | Drama

Most parents are usually on frantic mode, hence they fear about the worst that could happen to their children. These dangerous and traumatic episodes include car accidents, health issues and of course any form of abuse.

South African media personality, Masechaba Ndlovu recently spoke out about a very personal and traumatic childhood experience, which took place at the hands of an adult that was supposed to "protect her".

The traumatic incident happened in America where Masechaba and her mother were staying at the time. During a podcast interview on Podcast & Chill with MacG, she explained that her mom had been away for a few days when the stepfather kept her locked in the house and started sexually assaulting her for nearly three days. He began molesting her at the age of nine.

She explained the incident in these following words:

"My first sexual encounter was with my stepdad, unfortunately. I was nine and he molested me. When my mother (was not there), we were in the States. My mom left me with him... as we think it is acceptable to leave a child with herb father... Uhm, for two-three days he held me hostage and he basically sexually abused me."

Such an experience would most likely cripple how the said woman relates to the opposite sex. Masechaba had this to say in regards:

"After that, I wanted nothing to do with men, for a long time but I healed from that and I've learned that it's not about genders, it's about people, it's about criminals... Which is why I've always been against the #menaretrash movement. I've been beaten, I've been sexually abused and I've had everything you can imagine happen to me except death," to say about all things related to men

What is it about MacG that has his guests just ready to tell it all? We have noticed just how comfortable and candid some of his celebrity guests have previously been on his show.

Though she did mention that this particular part of her life remains quiet as she is not ready to speak about it ever again

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