Masechaba Ndlovu addresses THAT controversial Babes Wodumo interview

The radio and TV personality admits that what she did was unprofessional

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Masechaba Lekalake  | Drama


Masechaba Ndlovu sent shockwaves around the country after revealing on radio that Babes Wodumo was abused by her then boyfriend Mampintsha. The Metro FM host received support and a lot of criticism after the controversial interview.   

She spoke about it for the first time on Real Talk this week. She told Azania Mosaka: “Immediately after the interview with Babes, I felt like the attention was misdirected. I felt like there was a far greater cause in front of us, and I did not want to be paraded as the hero or the heroine or the instigator or isandla sesthathu. It was not about me…”

Masechaba ndlovu and metro

Babes needed help

Masechaba explained that she was approached by Babes’ manager for help. “Babes and her manager approached me at the Black Panther premiere, and my heart simply broke when I saw… Well put together, we even have a picture together, but if you looked at her face there was a great sadness, and it all made sense when they approached me and told me that they approached me to help Babes.”


Help her, please. She is terrified, she was there with her manager Keke and they approached me, they needed help, she doesn’t know how to get away from Mampintsha, and Keke had done as much as she could to remove her from that situation and she was representing her at that point in time.

It was unprofessional

The media personality said speaking about Babes’ alleged abuse on radio wasn’t part of the strategy. "You know, Aza what happened next was I gave them my number and I said, ‘what do you wanna do?’” She said she was told that Babes wanted to come out with her story.

She then explained that they set up a time for Babes to come to her house. “And four times in a row these meetings were cancelled because Babes was scared of what Mampintsha was gonna do, but she wants to come out.”


She said on the day of the interview, they decided to pull back because Babes was terrified. “This guy is gonna kill me, I can’t do this thing anymore. And I’m like ‘listen, it’s okay, I respect what you say, I respect how you feel, we’re gonna carry on, we’ll just speak about the music, and we had decided just before the interview we’re told don’t go there anymore, she doesn’t wanna do it anymore.”

Masechaba admitted that what she did was unprofessional. “It went against the code of conduct of broadcasting… In that moment not only did I break the rules, but I basically threw my entire career under the bus by trying to protect a young lady. I removed my professional cap, and I stopped being a broadcaster and I became a human, and I became a woman.”

Masechaba cha

She said people don’t know that in that moment, off air, Babes was shaking because Mampintsha was stalking her on her phone. “That was the first interview that he did not know about because they had broken up.”

The truth will come out  

The broadcaster added: “The entire truth is gonna come out, and every single female public figure who decided to take it upon themselves to speak on something they knew nothing about is going to be incredibly embarrassed… There’s a backstory Aza that I can’t even tell you on this platform. I didn’t humiliate Babes, Babes was relieved.”  

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