Masechaba Ndlovu: From being bullied to getting suspended at school

Masechaba shares how she managed to overcome her bullies and gain confidence in school.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Masechaba Lekalake  | Drama

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Masechaba Ndlovu

Don't mistaken Masechaba's pretty face for weakness she was actually quite the fighter in school.

She's probably one of the most loved media personalities in the country, with great looks, a great head on her shoulders and a well-rounded woman. Masechaba has proven time and time again that she's more than just a pretty face but a woman with substance.

However, Masechaba's upbringing like many of us hasn't been smooth sailingĀ at all.

Having spent some of her childhood years in America for 7 years, Masechaba, speaking to DJ Sbu on his breakfast show, explained that when she initially arrived in America she did not know how to speak English, which left her vulnerable and susceptible to bullying.

Masechaba was bullied so often that she would go home crying but the bullying and crying soon ended when her father found out about the bullying.

"It's through being bullied that one day, my father came home from work and found me crying and he said 'You will never ever be bullied like this again. He taught me how to physically fight, my father was a boxer. So I went from being bullied to being suspended from school because I whipped somebody's a** that's what happened!" Said Masechaba

Masechaba explained that she was 9-years-old when she learned how to be assertive and stand up for herself to such an extent that in high school she became the go-to person for any issues that students had in school

"In high school, I became that person that students would go to if a teacher was being racist, or if I student was being bullied I was the one that was being asked to stand up for the student." Said Masechaba

Masechaba also spoke fondly of her husband and that they're currently building their empire together.

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