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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | MiCasa  | Drama

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Earlier on today ZAlebs received an e-mail from a lady who goes by the name of Lala Lele, with the heading "Famous Band Neglects to Give credit to Vocalist". Interesting subject right? When we opened the e-mail we were greeted with a random extract in the body of the e-mail that read:

"I have an experience with Mi Casa. You’re lucky Heavy K put you on the video and gave you credit. I don’t know if you know a song called All The Glory. I recorded that hook. I was in studio with J Something and Mishka and I put my voice on the song. 6 months later MiCasa released their debut album and the song featured. Track 7. My name doesn’t appear. My publishing company is nowhere to be seen on the album credits and I don’t even get a special thanks from the band. To make matters worse, they won’t acknowledge that I’m on the song, to the point where they said on radio “We had a choir in studio”. On Euphonik’s show. I remember and it still breaks my heart."

We then called Lala (who also goes by the alias Vocalist Extraordinaire) in order to hear the full side of her story. When she picked up the phone,  she sounded puzzled and made it clear that she had not sent anyone an e-mail of such, she then confirmed that yes she was the owner of a blog called "being yeezy" where you can find the full story. However, as we were about to further talk to her, her cell phone was cut off and we could no longer get in touch with her after countless times of trying to call her back (UPDATE, She called us back- see all the details below) 

We then called MiCaSa's team to hear their side of the story and this is what they had to say;

"We have personally been in touch with “Vocalist Extraordinaire” as we know her quite well and were taken aback from her blog post. 
We are trying to, number 1, make sure she understands how music works. Only people that contribute to composition (lyric & music) get credited for publishing on the sleeve credits. Session artists do not get credited on an album sleeve UNLESS they have contributed towards the creation of the actual song/composition.

Number 2, we also want her to feel respected and know that we were grateful for her contribution on that choir part of All the Glory. This was recorded 4 years ago and at the time we just asked everyone that was at our studio to help and sing the choir part if they wanted to. 

So even though “Vocalist Extraordinaire”, and all the other singers that contributed towards that choir effect that was written by Mi Casa,  did not ask for a session fee back then, we have engaged with the aggrieved to sort out this matter. We appreciate ZAlebs  trying to get both sides of the story. It helps in making sure the truth is out there." 

We then again managed to get a hold of Lala and this is what she had to say:

"There’s a needle time law, and as far as that law is concerned even if you are a backing vocalist, whether it’s only you or 12 vocalists in the studio, the law stipulates that the backing vocalists are to be acknowledged. Yes, J-Something and I spoke about the situation but to me it came across as though I was doing a favour for people I know, true, but the way they handled everything afterwards didn’t settle well with me. Even a special thanks, that’s all I’m asking for a special thank you which wasn’t put there. I don’t  want money or anything, I’m just putting it out there and to show that this is what people go through in the industry. I'm not saying MiCasa are bad people, but, a thank you would've gone a long way"

It’s a tricky one, but we thank both Lala and the MiCasa team for willing to speak to us on this particular story. It sounds as if, after some misunderstandings, the two parties are back on a similar wavelength and are working on closing the loop in this story.

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