Mihlali Ranks On International Influencer List

Wait til you see how much coin she's secures-your bag could never.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

Say what you want about Mihlali Ndamase but one thing is for sure, she's doing this life thing better than you-and we've got the proof to show for it.

The Mzansi beauty influencer is no stranger to getting our attention, whether it's from television features (that may or may not have been great), controversial plane fights or showing off what her mama gave her in her forever ready summer body in some tropical destination.

Point is-social media influencer Mihlali is making her mark, whether you're here for it or not.

A list of world-renowned YouTubers and social media influencers made the rounds last night on social media, categorically listing all the influencers around the world (in case you didn't catch that the first time), on their earnings per post. Basically, a Forbes rich list lite, if you wish. Our Mzansi beauty, Mihlali hit number 17 in the make-up Instagram category.

In a world full of what seems to be MUA's (makeup artists) and slay queens, Mihlali was number 17 in her 'division' and number 135 across all categories. The ranking states that she is estimated to earn about $1,800 per post which is about R25 000.

If you're in your feelings about the biscuit crumbs you collect at the end of every month, try not to dwell on it-tweet it. A lot of you already have and here are some of the responses of the Twitter streets.

Well, Mihlali. Girl. Keep securing the bag all year long if you have to. You're already doing amazing sweetie and the haters hate to see it.

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