Mihlali: "My Friends & I Were Called Animals"

Mihlali is furious

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Beauty vlogger and popular makeup artist - Mihlali Ndamase is furious at aviation company - Fly SAFair after she and her friends were unfairly treated on one of the company's flights this past weekend.

In a long-winded rant on social media, Mihlali expressed how disgusted she was at the unfair and racist treatment she received.

Mihlali shared how they were escorted off the plane after Fly SAFair's flight attendants complained about Mihlali and her friend's rowdy and loud behaviour.

The employees even proceeded to call the cops on Mihlali and her friends to be escorted off the flight, an act that had Mihlali extremely furious.

"My friends and I were called animals by these people on @flysafairza because we were being “loud” on the flight. I didn’t know it was against the law to speak on a flight, I mean if you have an issue with hearing black people’s voices buy a private jet 🤷🏽‍♀️ I can’t believe we have to deal with such treatment in 2019 for being black, I’m so disappointed. Please hire EDUCATED, TRAINED staff. I can’t spend my money on a flight only to be treated like someone who’s not supposed to be on the airline, because of the colour of my skin. "[sic]

She continued to share the policemen did not see anything wrong with Mihlali and her friend's behaviour. The beauty vlogger further explained that she tried to hand everything with grace and maturity but the incident really has her outraged and thus she needed to share her experience with the rest of mzansi.

"They called policemen to escort us off the flight, because we questioned what the issue was with our behavior and funny enough the police men saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with our behavior. I tried to handle this matter with as much grace and maturity as possible but I’m outraged by how much disrespect we got from the staff of FLYSAFAIR @flysafairza"

Mihlali even took pictures of the flight attendants and shared the pictures on her Instagram account.

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The incident is currently trending on Twitter as individuals weigh in on their thoughts about the situation.

While some people are behind Mihlali for speaking up for herself.

Others feel that she is overreacting about the situation.

Mihlali sure started the weekend on a high note and then proceeded to start the week on an even higher note as well.

Last week Friday, her name was on everyone's lips after she posted a very sexy photo of herself in a bikini that had her trending the whole of Friday night.

Fast forward to Monday and here she is, trending again.

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