Mihlali's Bikini Pic Causes Havoc

La painelwa neh?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Yep! Youtube sensation and social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase nearly broke the internet again on Friday night after she posted this saucy photo of herself dressed in a bikini.


Her gorgeous body caused a lot of havoc on social media as men and women alike could not stop talking about Mihlali's hotness.

These are just some of the hilarious reactions.

You would think ladies would be jealous about all the attention Mihlali is getting right now but nope, her recent picture serves as motivation for some ladies to get right back to their gym routines.


While on the other hand, certain gentlemen would give Mihlali the cheating pass on any given day. Damn, Mihlali is that good huh.


We hope this guy got the medical attention he needed, looking at Mihlali's pictures for too long can cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations.


Shame, even Khune couldn't appreciate his lady in peace without being told to hang ten for a bit as people were still admiring Mihlali's beauty.


The ladies are feeling the pressure, Mihlali has her foot on everyone's necks!


Don't forget to ask your surgeon for that Mihlali type of body sis'.



The response to this suggestion was hilarious, some ladies are not trying to risk losing their relationships like this.

She even gave some people the hibbie jeebies.

Ja neh, Mihlali made other kids feel insignificant without even dragging them.

Mihlali forgive us, what did we ever do to you?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Mihlalii_n
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