The Confessions On Mihlali's IG Are LIT

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Mihlali Ndamase got the streets talking after she invited her Instagram followers to share their deepest confessions. You'll be shocked at some of these...

It can't be a new year without seeing Mihlali trend at least once a week. The socialite and influencer is back at it again but this time, it's got nothing to do with her bootylicious vacay pics or her. Instead, tweeps are rolling all over the floor in laughter and disbelief after reading some of the confessions that have made their way into Mihlali's IG (Instagram) inbox!

Mihlali used one of her IG Stories features to invite replies from her followers when she simply wrote "Confessions" and some of the entries that came in were just... yerrrrrrr.

From, "I just sent my married side man a nude while he's on vacation with his wife and he relly appreciated it" to "MY mother (married to my father) tried to have an affair with my fiance then stopped wedding" To even "I once let my ex-boyfriend muff me after having sex with my real boyfriend! No Regrets" - some of these raunchy confessions had people in a frenzy on Twitter.

Just in case you think we're making this up, read some of the confessions below:

People on the timeline are absolutely shaken up, at this point in time, with many revealing that they no longer know who they can possibly trust, with secrets like these being kept from us in broad daylight. Mihlali herself hasn't judged a single soul, but she has been hilariously commentating on each of the stories that have come in.

Take a look at how social media followers have reacted with their mouths wide open:

Did YOU confess anything on Mihlali's IG? Don't worry, we won't judge!

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