Mihlali Claps Back At Her "Confessions" Critics

Mihlali was accused of promoting bad behaviour

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Mihlali Ndamase was forced to clap back after being accused of promoting "bad behaviour" with her confessions session. 

It's not easy being successful on the Mzansi web like Mihlali Ndamase is. We say this because it looks like with every move she makes, the streets are ready to start gunning for moghel - shu!

The beauty vlogger was forced to defend herself from haters who accused her of promoting bad behaviour and immorality for facilitating her confessions sessions earlier today (Wednesday). Mihlali was blunt when she asked if those who were judging her were standing in for God.

She found herself at the top of the Twitter trends list this morning after she took to Instagram Stories to encourage followers to share their deepest secrets.

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She started the confession game by telling her followers that she wasn't here for any stories about murder, but she was soon flooded with “confessions” of murder anyways -- as well as people who confessed to cheating and even poisoning other people.

As a side note, some of ya'll are wild -- assuming that these confessions are all true!

Mihlali shared many of the more hectic confessions on her IG stories and later revealed that some had come from fake accounts, but refused to share the names of those who had confessed.

The fun ended when the YouTube star said she received personal messages from users who slammed her for promoting bad behaviour and immorality by sharing the crazy confessions.

In a post she told her haters to back off.

To the saints in my DM's outraged by me 'promoting' bad behaviour and lack of morals, did tatu God go on holiday and leave you in charge?

She said she was not here to judge anyone who had confessed and she should not get heat because of other people's choices. 

I didn't play this game to judge or correct people, it's not my job. Everyone that participated is an adult, they know what they're doing. Andingeni ndawo.

Meanwhile, the storm moved from Instagram to Twitter, where “Mihlali's IG” was one of the most talked-about topics on the social media network.
This woman is clearly doing everything right because the people of the South cannot talking about her. It's only January 2020, there'll be much more talk about Ms. Ndamase whether she asked for it or not.

The price of fame, we guess.

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