Will Khaphela Be Homeless For Christmas?

We smell a rat in this story...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mike Mvelase  | Drama

According to reports in this week's Sunday papers, actor Mike Mvelase might be in trouble and faces spending "Christmas on the Streets".

Mike is one of the most likeable actors in the country (probably even on the planet) but being likeable can only take you so far. In order to survive in life, you still need to do more of the basics which include paying your bills on time and keeping your finances up to date. If you fail to do that, well let's just say we might see your name in the tabloids.

That's exactly the scenario that Mike found himself in after Sunday World claimed that he could be homeless for the holidays after being booted out of his home. The publication claimed that the "top soapie star" could be facing Christmas on the streets after the bank repossessed his home before putting it up for auction.

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The paper claims to have called him about the matter to which he replied:

“My brother, I’m talking to the lawyers about this matter, but you are being unfair, you can’t be talking to me about this matter. Please my brother, this is no laughing matter,”

However, after some quick investigation, the ZAlebs team has begun to doubt the authenticity of this story. For starters, the story has also been pedalled by a number of fake news sites, all containing the same quotes from the actor.

As well as this, the rumour seems to have begun all the way back in 2016 and appears to be doing the rounds yet again - adding further doubt to the credibility of this report.

ZAlebs tried to reach out to Mike Mvelase himself but the publicist who we reached did not pick up.

Do you think that Mike Mvelase will be struggling to keep a roof over his head or do you think that this is a case of fake news?

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