Did Something Happen Between Minnie Dlamini And Edwin Sodi?

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By  | Oct 20, 2022, 01:07 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

Minnie Dlamini
Minnie Dlamini has been trending on our socials since the year began and unfortunately, it has not been all for good reasons.

From news of her divorce from Quinton Jones to being accused by online in-laws of cheating- Minnie has had quite a rough first half of the year but hey, after the rain comes sunshine, right?

This article looks at one of the biggest rumours that nearly broke the internet- the rumour about Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi. Here is what really happened between the two.

What really happened between Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi?

A screenshot of Musa Khawula's tweet

In May 2022, Musa Khawula made the damning allegation that Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi were romantically involved while Minnie Dlamini had been married to Quinton Jones.

The popular celebrity blogger insinuated that Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi’s relationship was motivated by Edwin Sodi’s ability to provide a soft life that included a private jet to entertain the popular media personality and her friends.

Musa Khawula’s tweet about Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi spread like wildfire and within a short time, Mzansi was talking about it and as usual, tweeps choose sides in the story.

It didn’t take long for controversial YouTuber- Slik Talk got wind of the allegations against Minnie and as expected he had quite a mouthful to say about Minnie Dlamini’s alleged affair with Edwin Sodi. 

He did not hesitate to blame Minnie Dlamini for her failed marriage and called her some hurtful names like “failed wife.” Slik Talk also bashed Minnie Dlamini and her ex-husband- Quinton for asking for privacy as they dealt with their divorce, saying that they couldn’t have a reality show about their wedding and then request for privacy during their divorce.

In response to Musa Khawula’s allegation and through a now-suspended account, a person purporting to be Edwin Sodi warned off people from spreading lies and denied dating Minnie Dlamini saying that he had only ever met her once.

Who is Edwin Sodi and why is he famous?

Edwin Sodi, source: Twitter

The name Edwin Sodi is not new to our ears. This alleged “blesser” of beautiful female celebrities has been making news waves for a few years now but unfortunately- not for good reasons. But do you know who he really is?

According to sources, Edwin Sodi is the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Blackhead Consulting. The company reportedly made R1 Billion in turnover in the 2014 and 2019 financial years.

The controversial businessman allegedly became wealthy after he won an asbestos roof tender where he was tasked with keeping track of houses with asbestos roofs in the Free State and reporting back to the department of housing. In collusion with other big wings in the department, Edwin Sodi reportedly marked up the numbers and bagged the difference.

In 2020, Edwin Sodi was questioned during the Zondo Commission hearing. Together with six of his colleagues, the billionaire was arrested for corruption charges and his assets- including several luxury cars and other assets were seized.

Other celebrities who allegedly dated Edwin Sodi

A screenshot of Musa Khawula's tweet

Besides being linked with Minnie Dlamini, Edwin Sodi has been linked to other beautiful women in South Africa’s entertainment industry and the list is quite long.

In 2018, after ProVerb’s marriage ended, it was reported that his ex-wife- Onalerona Moreo had been cheating on the popular media personality with Edwin Sodi. Sodi was also blamed for ending DJ Sbu’s marriage to Disebo Makatsa.
Other famous celebrities whose names have been mentioned on Edwin Sodi’s infamous hit list include Mihlali Ndamase, Thuli Phongolo and Karen Zulu.

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